About Tullio

Tullio DeSantis  is an American contemporary artist, writer, and technologist.



Altered State Number Twenty-Eight – Tullio – 2015


2 responses to “About Tullio

  1. This is a wonderful picture that really makes me feel into the space. Its radiant light and bright colors express the sun and colorful planets that irradiant pure energy. This picture makes me feel happy and motivated. It’s amazing!

  2. Ben Anthony

    Hi Tullio – My name is Ben Anthony and I’m an award-winning documentary maker from London. I’m nearing completion of a feature length documentary about the life and work of Keith Haring for BBC2 in the UK and PBS in the US but am aghast to only now find out about you! I saw a photo of Keith you took while he was handing out posters at the No Nukes demonstration in NYC in 1982. Would you consider licensing any photos to the documentary? Is there a place where I might be able to see more than those on this site? Best wishes, Ben Anthony

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