Something from Nothing, Part 2



“Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.”- Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, from “The Grand Design”
My previous entries here have set the stage for this position. It is, of course, thoroughly in agreement with ancient Vedic wisdom, which sees the universe as eternally self-generative and it is not so far from the Buddhist notion of “the void” from which all things spring and to which all things return.



Image: “Continuous Emergence” by Tullio DeSantis, ink on paper, 2010.
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2 responses to “Something from Nothing, Part 2

  1. rafael nunez

    I am always interested in what Stephen Hawking has to say but in this case I do not agree with him. I was raised catholic I believe in Christ but I am not what you would call a devout catholic. I am also not a mathematician genius. Having said that, I tried to look at this video from an atheist’s point of view and the result was the same. Some people say that religion and god where created by ordinary men. But then again Stephen Hawking is just a man as well. A man who is trying to answer many of the universes most intriguing questions and thus he ends up with many theories to explain many of these questions. However, a theory is basically an educated guess and not really a fact. In the end what I really want to say is that Stephen Hawking is just a man and just as I cannot prove that there is a god he cannot prove that god is not real. All that I can do is have faith that there is a god and all that he can do is hope that he is right.

    Rafael Nunez

  2. Otoniel Jimenez

    This is my comment on the video of “Something from Nothing, Part 2” posted on Tullio’s blog on November 2, 2010. I disagree with mathematical physicist Stephen Hawking and the author of this video Sean Carrol. First of all, I do not take issue with the statement of Stephen Hawking about God’s non-existence because I have seen God in my whole life. I have seen God in every moment I asked for help, in every time I asked for guidance. No matter how big or bad the situation was God always was there for me. I know I do not have scientific prove of God’s existence but I have personal life experience that prove that God exists. Every choice I take, first I ask God for his guidance. For instance, which person should I choose for my significant other, my career, where should I move, even what kind of car should I buy. On the other hand, I dissent with Sean Carrol author of the video because how things can be created by themselves? People cannot create a house without bricks, woods, concrete, wires for the electric, or PVC pipes for the plumbing. For me this theory is like the evolution theory which assert that we came from the apes, if that is true why apes are not evolving know? Moreover, Sean Carrol points out that God has nothing to do with the universe. This is an idea which I differ too because how he can explain my whole life experience? This is my comment in this blog which I wish not to be offensive.

    Otoniel Jimenez

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