“Cosmology,” a Collaborative Multimedia Project by
Pery Burge and Tullio DeSantis

Text and Audio by Tullio DeSantis, Imagery by Pery Burge, 2012


This is a project, in which I’m
collaborating with Pery Burge, who is working as artist in residence in the
Thermofluids lab in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter, in the UK. We have been sharing files over
the Net and building the project in bits and bytes.

This piece, entitled, Cosmology, is the initial piece
in a projected three-part project. When
they are all complete, the order will be: Cosmology, Astronomy, and Biology.
Biology was just published and we’re working on Astronomy now.

We hope you like Cosmology. It
is a celebration of existence.

(The full text is below)*CosmologyWithin an inexpressible

Through a timeless duration

An instability arises

A perturbation of time-space

spawning new potentialities

Time starts and space expands

Eons elapse

entanglements unify the infinitesimal aspects of virtual particles into
momentary states between existence and nonexistence, while precise cosmological
constants undergird the multitudinous dimensions of space-time

Atomic coalescence

Nuclear compaction

Electron capture

On every level at every scale

Processes of aggregation

Spinning orbits

Energetic quanta

Push and pull

All energies in motion flowing
from randomness

Creative chaos transformed by
strange attractors

gyres of cosmic radiation, and the gravitational equilibrium of whole solar
systems, incandescent plasma, mountainous boulders, frozen interplanetary
icebergs, pyroclastic explosions of molten magma, all spinning silently in
ponderously accelerating galactic superclusters.

This ancient procession of
information becoming energy becoming matter

What is merely virtual becoming
very real

This inexorable movement of
nothingness in its unstoppable flow toward existence

Occurs everywhere and all at once
it is called cosmos

Universe as it is unity itself

And multiverse, for there are many

Countless universes existing before
there is anyone there to count to even one

Numberless stars preceding even
the idea of number

The infinity that supercedes all
conceptions of infinity

Things are in constant states of
transformation. They’re patterns of energy
discrete states changing instantaneously into form from formlessness and
back again.

Eon after eon of material flux

Moving all things – all things in

Before, between, beyond.

The ground of all being –
persistent perpetual flow

All this, the substrate of future
experience, experienced by no one.

And yet, and yet…

It is.


– by Tullio DeSantis 2012

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