The Stars Are Made of Mind Stuff



“The Stars Are Made of Mind Stuff” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “The Stars Are Made of Mind Stuff

  1. rebecca paraison

    When i look at this art work i see a sun and its ability to shine even in black and white. It doesn’t matter the color you would paint the sun you would still see its ability to shine bright and look full of energy. The way the dots are arranged gives the artwork so much detail and it allows it to tell a strong story.

  2. joe forbes

    This picture reminds me of a dartboard or a shooting target. I also like the way the density of the rings get denser and then the next one is more sparse. I think it might give one a vivid contrast if it were in color.

  3. Hannah

    This picture made me think of sunflowers. I know you have it titled as “The Stars Are Made of Mind Stuff”, but when I look it, I see something different. I see the ripples created by overlapping flower petals, I see the disk, or the eye of the sunflower, and I see each and every floret represented by the individual dots you have placed. The lighter pieces in your picture are the petals, which in a sunflower is called a ray. These lighter pieces do look as if they could be rays. The darker spaces in between are there to show the relationship between the different petals. I think it is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Celia Torres

    This picture reminds me of the waves of energy coming from the sun and stars in general. The ebb and flow of it draws in my eyes. The rings around the center circle look like they are pulsing around the center of the image which I like.

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