The Eye’s Mind


The Eye’s Mind – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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5 responses to “The Eye’s Mind

  1. Gabby

    I like this piece because of the use of color and black and white. It really does look like an eye and the way its organized, it works like an eye as well. For example how you used the color in one area and black and white on the outside. Its very different.

  2. rjclyde9

    The piece is very creative because it shows that there are so many crazy things that our eyes see in our everyday lives which is what the jagged lines are used for. But then there are also the good times as well which soothing curved lines and circles are used for. This piece is also creative because it shows that the first three colors we see are the three primary colors which are yellow, blue, and red.

  3. Diana

    As quickly as I saw this image I thought it fit perfect with the title. Our eyes do see many things throughout our lifetime and sometimes what we see is not necessarily what we think. All the different shapes and lines do resemble what we see.

  4. Cody Yerger

    I see this piece as representing how color is not an object. The diagonal direction of the lines and shapes along with the white, which can represent the light that reflects off object. The center of the eye shows many colors mixed together. This can be seen as how the mind can interpret a limitless amount of different colors.

  5. Celia Torres

    This piece looks like how information gets processed on the inside of the eye. The use of color in the center of the piece keeps my eyes moving back to it while the pointillist lines keep leading my eyes around the picture. There is a lot of movement in the piece and makes me not want to stop looking at it.

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