What Now

Seeing clearly now, things are not what they once appeared to be. The distinctions between yourself and things around you are not so sharply defined. You become aware of the deep connections between inner and outer experience.

Quieting your mind from moment to moment has enhanced your perception. The first few times you achieved a state of complete relaxation you became more aware of occurrences just below the level of conscious awareness – your breath and your beating heart, for example. And now, you notice you are generally more aware than you used to be.

This new awareness has a tendency to recreate your experience of the world. How could it not? Becoming more aware you notice things you had not paid much attention to before. Your very breath is felt as a connection to and through the world. You literally breathe the world in and out on a moment-by-moment basis.

Sensing your connection to the world is an empowering experience. It is something significant to move through the world feeling connected to it in subtle, yet very deep, ways. The old you – the disconnected, separate, isolated individual was a weakened near-powerless version of yourself. To the new you, identifying with the world is a source of unlimited strength, power, and potential.

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  1. Amanda M.

    I read a few others but this one spoke to me the most at the moment. I use to look at the world as this huge place I would never really get to see and I only knew what was important to live on a daily basis. I am at a point in my life now that I want to learn more of our world, I want to connect myself to other and to the world we live in. Having my daughter put lots of things into a better more clear perspective for me. I do see things differently, and not only do I live on a daily basis but I make sure every day makes on impact on not only my world but my daughter’s world. After all this is “our” world and why not make the best of it now, and grow with this big beautiful world we live “with”. With this being said, I can agree that I am a “new me, identifying the world with a source of unlimited strength, power, and potential.” Thanks for sharing such nice posts!

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