Image: 00001011 – Tullio – 2013



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23 responses to “00001011

  1. Tyler Smith

    this is a very cool piece to look at. when i look around it on the inside it seems to be moving as well! the shading used to create the illusion of circular lines through out the piece is very neat.

  2. Derrek Rhoads

    This piece caught my eye as I was scrolling down the page, I really like the shape inside shape design. The entire piece kind of transforms the longer I look at it, first I see the two ovals, then my eyes focus upon what I think I one big ribbon in the middle of the piece. Overall I really like this, and I could say I am a fan of Illusion pieces.

  3. Lisa

    This piece I love, simple yet so deep. The shapes within the image are neat how they form an image. The image itself has a flow to it that really attracts the eye. To me when I see this piece I think of space.

  4. Abigail Melendez

    This is very intriguing visually. I love that I can see two ovals, but when I study it closer, it seems like the concentration of dots between them and the background don’t change at all, with the exception of a few spots. I see two other ovals, but they’re thinner. I like that my eyes keep jumping around while I look at this.

  5. James

    This piece is very interesting. I do not know whether the binary number you have has anything to do with the picture, or if it was just a random number. I like how it looks flat yet 3-D a the same time. Very nicely done piece

  6. Garrett Wenrich

    This is something that I would love to hang up in my room. It’s so simple yet I could look at it for hours in amazement. I keep trying to count all the circles that I see throughout the image and the more I look at it the more it appears to be moving. It must have taken such a long time to create the illusion of all the circles.

  7. rm.

    This design is an enormous matrix that holds the viewers’ attention. First, we gaze towards the middle of this grid, it seems. I can make out what looks to my eye as an X, Y and Z axis. But, you venture towards the outside due to the swirls and the two massive ovals, as though it’s trying to make you understand the whole picture. Viewing the piece in its entirety assists my mind in understanding this piece.

  8. Tracy Boarder

    This is an interesting piece, electron orbits seen through a cloud of static. The “negative space” texture helps the orbits to stand out more, though not pure white against the noisy background, giving the piece a sense of motion as I look at it. I almost didn’t even notice the offset wider circles in it until I looked more closely, which adds even more texture variety to it.

  9. Jared DeFrees

    there are many different objects that i see within the image. The depth in which the texture creates is interesting and makes the image look three dimensional. The image created feels energetic and flowing.

  10. rafael nunez

    This is a very cool piece and I think its one of my favorites from you. I know that everyone sees something different but I just want to put my two cents in and say that I see two big hearts in there. Also I am not sure what the meaning of this piece is but, visually I love it.

  11. Brenda Litwin

    I really enjoy looking at this piece. The movement within it is soothing and relaxing. I really enjoy this piece.

  12. Brenda Litwin

    This is one of my favorites. Each time I look at it I see something different. I see the universe..alive and moving. The world without end.

  13. Brian Poeng

    The piece caught my eye and I am intrigued to see the interesting shading that was put into this artwork. I also enamored by the shaping taking place inside the oval. It gives me the impression that I’m looking into something from science fiction like the atomic symbol from a sci-fi channel. As I continue to look at it, it seems to be transforming before my eyes and the ribbon-like thing continue to move along with my eyes. This piece of art may be clearly be my favorite art, I would most likely love to have a picture of it in my new apartment when I attend Penn State University. It is definitely an eye catcher.

  14. Allison Lawless

    This art piece makes me think of the planet earth. I think of time and how it continually goes on. Interestingly the earth has no interest in violence or peace; it just continually revolves on its path without regard to time. Time continually moves forward as the earth continually revolves forward. I feel this work of art makes me feel unity in its message that we are all continually moving forward, with no control of time.

  15. Courtney Prentice

    This piece is very interesting. The longer you look at it the more visual effects it produces. The different tones produced in this piece creates a
    3-D effect as well as the illusion of movement.

  16. I like this drawing, it emits some sort of energy as I see it. I like the way it’s shaped as a 3-D drawing as if there is some sort of rings inside of it that are rotating.

  17. Joelle Figueroa

    This piece is very thought provoking. The concentration of dots creating patterns is very intriguing. But what makes this even more unique is the layering on top of this already amazing technique. Just when I thought I had seen all aspects of this piece, I looked at a different angle. The pattern seems to be 3D when you step back and look at the big picture. This piece is amazing

  18. Etching grooves
    A ripple in time, folding and unfolding, ebbing and flowing. Oxygen and carbon Dioxide exchanging, intermingling in chemical intercourse.
    Indentations of occurrences etching grooves in our unconscious minds. Infinite, circular patterns of behavior calling themselves human.
    Grey matter partaking in an interlude of cosmic proportions.
    Chain-linked ink, binding space and time.

  19. Mario

    Although, I prefer colorful art images, this one caught my attention instantly. When looking at it superficially, the two ellipse shapes at the center of this piece, create the illusion of a simple ball. Observing the image with more attention, the variety of the shades invigorate every single dots which gives the sphere a unique silhouette. Very creative.

  20. Josh Grant

    I am very impressed with this one. The various shades and spacing of dots are arranged in such a way that it is perceived as the shading of a sphere. To get even more interesting, the dots make it appear as though there are other ring-like structures running along the inner surface of the sphere, as well as a core to the sphere. Just with simple dots, you’ve made the appearance of a 3D image with dynamic qualities.

  21. Fred T.

    00001011- a very symmetrical piece , it reminds me like an atom figure with more circles inside making it look like if it was moving, and the title of the piece makes it seem like if it was a piece from the future. Really good definition.

  22. Yovani

    Simple but very thoughtful. I like how it appears three dimensional if you look closely at it. When try to understand it can have many meanings , just depends who is the viewer. It appears it was made from dots and if so that is amazing due to the fact you need to be precise with it.

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