States of Mind





“States of Mind” – Tullio  – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “States of Mind

  1. Rachel Sandritter

    I really like this piece because of the black and white values, it sort of makes it look as if it is going down like a tunnel. I think how the dots start out more spread out on the outside of the picture and end up getting really close together.

  2. I think this piece is very interesting. Each layer really does allow for different interpretations of the various states of mind. the inside is most condense. In my interpretation this would be the normal state of mind. My day to day life is usually very hectic and doesn’t allow for much time to calm down and relax. I know that at various points of the day, my mind is flooded with all the things I have to do and I tend to feel overwhelmed. I try to take time during every day to just sit down and relax. I feel this stage is the outermost layer because the patterns are more relaxed and free flowing like the mind is when you take the time to let everything go. This is my favorite part of the day, when I can just let my mind wonder off to wherever it wants to go while forgetting the outside world, if only for a minute.

  3. Amanda

    I like this picture because all the circles radiating out from the middle circle each have a different style to it.

  4. Sarah Weld

    I really enjoy this peace because of its simplicity. The way the dots are laid out into a bull’s eye pattern leads your eyes not only to the middle, but allows your eyes to move outwards as well. It creates a great flow from each pattern. The more I look at it I am beginning to see more patterns, and different variations of shading that makes it look like the patterns are fading in and out. I love how it allows my mind to flow and slow down and relax. I just really like this piece in general.

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