In the simulacrum (text)

In the simulacrum
The absurd scale of things goes unnoticed
When nothing is real
The biggest things
Are smaller than the smallest things
Life and death, I mean

It’s no fun on Thrill Kill Street
Hardcore gamer holograph apocalypse
Bleeds and glitches into Undead Alley
In the state of Endless War

Superbugs in cruel code, GMO Ebola bombs
Virtuality strewn with body parts
Singularity filled with fresh corpse meat

Hacked in hardware
Islands of love, places of peace
Survive but don’t evolve
Gun-free zones make good targets

The networked mind turned mean
When it happened, it was clear
How else could it be?
Ourselves, uploaded
Our fears and bad ideas
We live there now
Forever, man.

In the simulacrum – Tullio – 2015

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One response to “In the simulacrum (text)

  1. Paul Lerario

    This definitely got me thinking about consciousness and the reason that we know we are in existence, if there is in fact a reason. My interpretation of meaning in the text is that for all we know the mind could be made up of electrical wiring; almost as if consciousness is simply a virtual game in which both conflict and peace exist. Almost as if everyone’s mind is made up of some sort of unfathomable energy force that reacts to extremely unpleasant things that occur in life and extremely euphoric and peaceful things in a plethora of ways. However, at the same time we cannot understand every aspect of the meaning or meanings of life. We can choose to find meaning in certain happenings and coincidences that go on in our every day lives, or we can choose not to. After reading the end of the text, I took away meaning of an omnipotent view of life where we live in a world where we have full ability to decide how we view our environment. In other words, we could choose to see the world as a war zone or a place of serenity. Of course my interpretation may not be accurate compared to the actual meaning, but that is at least what I took away from it. Very intriguing writing.

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