Alien Sun


Alien Sun – Tullio – 2016


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8 responses to “Alien Sun

  1. Christy

    This is definitely one of my favorites! I looks very shamanic. The white shapes could be tribe members dancing to ritualistic music, praising the sun. The white shapes could also be mushrooms, gloriously growing from the nutrition of the ever-giving sun.

  2. Xavier Ramos

    This piece caught my attention fast. It literally feels like there is heat emanating from it, the bottom white half only intensifies the feeling of dry hot air. The white also reminds me of sand reflecting back the heat thrown out by the sun. The shapes almost like cactuses in a desert reaching up to the black sun. The grounded white area pushes me up to the sun to immediately be pushed down from the sun back to the white. This struggle to find a spot to rest my eyes only increases the tense feeling of being in a desert.

  3. Edgar Tenorio

    This piece to me shows a sun that creating powerful rays on some white beings that seem to worship the intense sun. It is an artwork that I really enjoy because the yellow dots that are what the sun is made of are going downwards making my eyes go to the white object. Also because the white object is kind of pointing upwards it makes want to go back to the sun, so my eyes are just going back and forth, which I like very much.

  4. Will Yost

    I enjoy all of your artwork Tullio but again this is one that caught my eye. The image that looks like the sun is so powerful. It is like music in art form. Each individual ray is doing its own thing but all of them together to really make a statement, it flows very well.

  5. Michelle Guzman

    At first glance, it looks like a desert with cactus dancing. I like how the yellow looks like sunrays surrounding the black circle. When you look closely at the “cactus”, its catches your eyes, the patterns, the form, it still looks like its dancing.

  6. Felix Alicea

    The sun really sticks out in this piece and stole my attention very fast. Then when i was done admiring the sun, I looked down to see unknown objects. I kept looking at the bottom object trying to figure out what they look like. Is it an alien, or a shrine, maybe just a random plant? I do not know it kept me in wonder.

  7. Josh smith

    I rely like this piece it has a very Gothic rock feel to me. Even reminds me of how Aztec paintings would depict an eclipse of the sun. would be a good album cover for Soundgardens Black Hole Sun

  8. Iraldy

    I love this piece in the way the sun is the center of everything, despite the fact that the second focal point has more details and looks more interesting, doing it in black and white does not take the priority from the sun, I also love the color combination that makes the white with the yellow and leaving the black background makes it see the increasingly interesting and fun piece, Mr. Tullio’s excellent piece, I really like it.

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