More Love Now – Installation

Here are some early installation views from my show “More Love Now” – new print editions at Point.B Studio on view through March.
Prints are available through the studio in Port Orford, OR and online at – Here’s a link to the editions:






More Love Now – Tullio DeSantis – 2016
Installation Views, Point.B Studio, Orford, OR and online
(photos by Rebecca Malamud)


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7 responses to “More Love Now – Installation

  1. martin valle

    Mr. Tullio me being an “old world artist” i’ve never fully grasped this kind of artistic expression, the art i’ve always received praise and gratification for were portraits,still life etc. I’ve never been able to replicate or produce abstract style art of any kind,which is why I can truly admire this style of art. I’m not quite sure what kind of medium you used, its both colorful and extremely vibrant which leads me to think that its in some way digitized due to the glowing effect of the pieces. My favorite piece is “More Love Now”, it really speaks and the colors draw emotion, I cant exactly describe the feeling but its akin to empathy yet it also calls for action and exerts slight feeling of condemnation, as if society has let its self down and we need more love and now.The various colors used are extremely attractive in the same way that certain animals use to attract attention in the wild. Once your done looking at those colors you see the overall theme of the piece, that of peace and love. I personal like art that is either realistic of carries an ideal in a creative way. This piece gets that done by evoking feeling in the observing audience. While doing so in a rather subtle fashion by using a universal symbol for both peace and love.

  2. tim moore

    In observing these pieces it looks like there is back lighting for some of the pieces meaning they are somewhat transparent reminds me of light art. As my eye traveled the other day in the cafeteria a child with a similar peace sign on her shirt made me reflect back to seeing this piece in the beginning of this course. Makes my glad younger people are again wearing such things. Yet whenever I see the peace sign from now on it reminds me of this piece. Also love the vibrant colors.

    • That’s pretty cool, Tim! I first encountered the peace symbol when I was a member of the Student Peace Union in 1966. Since then, it has had a long and significant cultural history that brings new generations of peaceful people together under that benevolent symbol. Good positive vibrations!

  3. kylewikar

    The part that brings all these pieces together is the use of lighting in each piece. The light brings each piece to life giving a whole new dynamic of looking at it. I really enjoy the black and white pieces in the middle. Both are very beautiful to look at. You can just get lost in these pieces because the dots are memorizing, and that is what I enjoy looking at in each piece.

  4. Allison Oxenreider

    These couple pieces looks AWESOME! The peace sign in all the dots had to be hard to do but it looks great! Your pieces here draw a lot of attention to the eye and that’s what I want people to remember is that it caught their eye, whether they know why or not. I think you achieved that here very well.

  5. Felix Alicea

    This piece is a lot more distinguishable from your other pieces, but that makes it more relative to me. I really like the colors that grab my attention in this one. I also feel like the piece says the title itself. Just looking at it screams for more peace and love. Even though I do not have to figure out what this piece means to me I still really enjoy it because I like looking at all the dots in each section to create one big image.

  6. Iraldy

    The pieces of “More Love Now” are my favorites, but especially the sign of peace and love because I really love the concept of lines that you used to create this beautiful piece, letting me see that each line formed by dots create the symbol that Is the center of attention, I also notice that the lines distract me from the focal point, but always lead me to it. I really like the contrast that colors make with the black background, giving prominence to the symbol making it look more fun.

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