Psychedelic Tech Noetic Electron Cloud



Psychedelic Tech Noetic Electron Cloud – 2016 – by Tullio DeSantis
On Vimeo in HD

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One response to “Psychedelic Tech Noetic Electron Cloud

  1. I really enjoyed watching this as it started it brought me back to seeing the speed drawing videos online. I like how the open space was taken up yet the background still the original black still remains. As I stated before I still prefer the black. Not sure why I suppose that it could be the way I had grown I always wanted to be different and chosen strange preferences. Such as in school write a paper on a historic europeen figure from history I chose hitler. the wild thing is because of that it has always made me pay attention to what the real story about him is. The funny thing is recently people have been trying to figure out if he rally died in Germany or some where else so far no concrete proof however it does look like he could have escaped. Very interesting to see the still present proof that the third riech was planning something big in south America.

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