– a Multimedia Collaboration by Pery Burge and Tullio DeSantis

Music by Tullio DeSantis, Imagery by Pery Burge, 2012

There is
something freeing about working collaboratively. Giving up old notions of
complete aesthetic control and working toward a unified vision is always
rewarding. When things go well, this is a definition of transcendent experience
– to rise above one’s limits. Also, composing music is, for me, a wonderfully
abstract way to make art. It is liberating to have another artist create the

Burge is artist in residence in the Thermofluids lab in the College of
Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the University of Exeter, in
the UK. After completing our three-part text, sound, and image project, “Cosmology,”
“Astronomy,” and “Biology,” Pery and I decided to work on some multimedia
pieces utilizing my music and her imagery. Working on collaborative multimedia projects provides novel ways to experience art and life and inspire new aesthetic evolution.

Here is what
Pery has to say about “Antumbral” on her site,

meditative atmosphere of the music inspires my choice of imagery, together with
ideas to do with eclipse effects – shadow, disclosure, revelation and textural
layering. The video makes use of long transitions to reveal new textures and
shapes, and the images themselves often contain superimpositions; smoke over
objects and bubbles moving across coloured surfaces. There is a relaxed, retro
mood to the whole piece…”*

The title, “Antumbral,”
is derived from the astronomical term, antumbra, which is that portion of a
shadowed area where there is no light from any source. The music has both contemplative and emotional wave
forms, textures, tones, and harmonies. *TwitterFacebookGoogle+

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