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During the past three years, in which my aesthetic practice has involved working in the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence, neuroscience, and the philosophy of mind, it has become increasingly clear that humanity – indeed the world and its ecological extension, the entire universe – are all experiencing a rapidly-advancing wave of self-awareness. In future installments of this blog, we’ll continue coverage of recent advances in the new science of mind and its implications for the future in ways which will force us to arrive at paradigm-changing understandings of the words which define our most basic experiences, from consciousness and identity to the ultimate relationships between man, mind, machine, and the universe.


Driven by the accelerating pace
of technological advance, the fields of neuroscience, artificial intelligence,
and the philosophy of mind are on the very forefront of human cultural and
biological evolution. Daily news from these three disciplines demonstrates
convergences, which indicate a co-evolutionary locus of activity, behavior, and
comprehension, which would have been inconceivable in the recent past.

Neuroscience books, articles, and
press releases are among the most-quoted and reviewed sources of news and human
interest stories, which impact the worlds of technology, lifestyle, health,
sports, and entertainment. Geopolitical interrelationships are gauged by the
race for dominance of the world’s supercomputing resources. These developments
drive advances in cybernetic control and data management systems, which underpin
international trade and finance, weapons systems, and global communications.

These advances, which stem from
the rapid digitization of all human knowledge, have been predicted, most
accurately, by futurist Ray Kurzweil. His books, The Singularity is Near
and his latest book, How to Create a Mind
have been New York Times Bestsellers. The runaway success of Kurzweil’s vision,
prompts continual media attention, and a simple search can bring interested readers
up to date on the impact of his always prescient views, and can serve as an introduction to…our transhuman future.

Image: Tullio DeSantis demonstrating a consumer-grade NeuroSky EEG headset and MindReflector neurofeedback training software.

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  1. This project seems really interesting. Getting to actually see how one’s mind acts. Also to see how technology improvements continue to improve our lives.

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