countune collaboration

I’m pleased to be a part of Gerd Jansen’s multimedia collaborative countune project.
An extensive group of visual and sound artists from around the world are participating.

The entire project is online here:






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6 responses to “countune collaboration

  1. Allison

    I really like these pieces of art. I found them to really grab my attention and focus in on each one right away. I like how my eyes go straight to the middle of each piece and really observe them closely. Very cool. 🙂

  2. Brendan Lamy

    I love how these pieces of art work grab my attention. There are many things going on with each and every photo that you need to actually slow down and take a look at. There is something different with each picture. I like this type of art as a get away from the normal painting image.

  3. Megan Kelly

    These pieces of artwork grab my attention the most, due to the fact I think of the different patterns and colors going on. I like the neon bright colors especially on a black and white background. The dots and stripes are also two of my favorite patterns. While scrolling down the page and looking at different types of artwork, this one was definitely one of my favorites. Not too much is going on, but it is still catchy to the eye. Each picture has something different going on.

  4. Emely T.

    I am extremely fond of these pieces. I love the combination of patterns and contrasting colors. I noticed that all of them have a rectangle running across the piece, which is an excellent implementation of continuation. I enjoy the variety that you integrated in each piece as well. My favorite piece is the second one. I love it because it has so much color and contrasting shapes and patterns. It also reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting with the many brush strokes that create the image. It’s definitely an attention grabber.

  5. Lindsey Snyder

    I really like how these pieces really grab my attention. My eyes are drawn straight to them because of all the contrasting colors and patterns that are going on. I like that my eyes are drawn to each piece for something different. I have noticed that each of them have a rectangle shape in the center that makes it seems as though it continues on. The second one really catches my eye because the background is the map drawn out. I had to focus for a little bit before I saw it but I knew it looked like something I have seen before.

  6. Sarah Weld

    I love the use of color in these different pieces! it reminds me of a old retro color televisions. Then the bright pops of color looks like the old color bars that would appear whenever the television stations would turn off for the night. I also like how you changed up from your normal style of tight, small stippling techniques and added bolder, brighter colors and bars. I have to say I feel these have a lot of direction and holds my attention because there are so many things to see, Very nice work! These are some of my favorite pieces of yours.

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